We have worked hard to provide The best conditions for our customers.

We like to introduce to you “Medelem group” .

What we do:

Our company provides brokerage services to companies that handle distribution, wholesale,and retail of medical consumables and medical radilogy around the world.
Our main goal is to provide distributors with the products they need, directly from manufacturers, with lowest possible cost and smooth purchase process.
We have many partnership agreements with well known manufacturers in industry. ( we’re also handling logistics and custom brokerage service in most countries if costumer (customer) requests such services).
Upon the request of our customers we also handle logistics and custom brokerage service in most countries.
Since we have established connections with our partners, in most cases we do not charge or add additional cost to products that our customers ordered.
Our well-established connections with our partners, enable us in most cases not to charge or apply additional costs on products ordered by our customers.

How it works:

You place an order or your request through our website or e-mail, with detailed product information, price range, and timetable, technical or tender query. Our team will handle the rest.
We’ll contact you with results within days and with few opportunities for you to fulfill your query.
We will reply to you within few days and will present to you best options to fulfill your request.
If your company is looking for long lasting agreements or contracts, we will work as your agentin all negotiations with any manufacturer you choose and our team will get things done with professional manner and results favorable to you.


We offer a wide range of medical consumables and disposables, made in any country. All products are registered or certified and have a warranty and quality check documentation, so we can legally import to your country.

Our Vision:

We would like our costumer to feel confidently when it comes to build or broaden their business opportunities, instead of wasting their time, efforts, finances, and work force expenses, just to overcome things like language barrier, negotiation lingo or difference in legal documentation from country to country, or logistics process.

Our Customers:

Hospitals and Ambulance Services, Nursing Homes & Retirement Homes, Specialist Clinics and General Practitioners, Chain and Independent Retailers and Pharmacies, Government Bodies, Educational Institutions, Private Corporations.


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